$5 Million in 5 Years Movement-Building Campaign

This year, we are launching the $5 Million in 5 Years Movement-Building Campaign. 

Our ongoing mission continues to encompass building sustainable leadership for social justice, which requires the collaboration of our leadership, staff, and networks and the generosity of our loyal supporters. To continue to sustain the work we do in communities across the world, we are embarking upon something very exciting! We are launching a fundraising campaign to:

  • Expand upon the educational work and teaching of the Be Present Empowerment Model®  
  • Provide leadership-focused trainings to individuals and organizations,
  • Maintain a diverse national network of organized communities and
  • Partner with other non-profits to extend our reach and collaborate on new social justice initiatives.  

We are excited about our goals and focus areas (see below):  

The Social Justice Archive Project

We will be meeting with archivists in 2022 to discuss moving Be Present archival materials to a university archive.  This will allow safe keeping of important historical documents that will be preserved for future generations.  


We are working on creating infrastructure that will allow us to select, manage, and use data and information to measure and evaluate training and workshop performance and drive organizational improvements.  


We have been documenting this work for 30+ years and are planning a film that focuses on the life and work of Lillie Allen.  

The Consulting Consortium

The Consortium, the training arm of Be Present, is expanding to serve more individuals and organizations seeking to build capacity around human resources, strategic planning, and other core competencies.  

Be Present Music Video

Our youth leadership is preparing to film and then distribute a music video of the Be Present Empowerment song. This video will continue to expose a new generation to the work of Be Present.  

Systems Development

We will be engaging in strategy development and implementation at all organizational levels, specifically investing in Human Resources people. 

To meet all these wonderful goals, we need your help. Be Present has a 39-year legacy as a movement and 30 years as an organization focused on developing transformative practices and building organizational structures in the area of leadership, philanthropy, HR, communications, and partnerships. As Be Present expands our work, we are launching our $5 Million in 5 Years Movement-Building Campaign, which will run from 2022 through 2026. Our goal is to raise 5 million over the next five years, while also continuing our transformative movement building, raising awareness of the Be Present Empowerment Model™, and bringing the work of Be Present to more people and organizations. 

We invite you to click here act now and be in the first wave and make your donation before the official kickoff of the Campaign.  You can even specify which initiative you wish to support. 

Write us a love letter...

Please write us a letter telling us the story of how you first came to be connected with Be Present and the things we do that keep you engaged in the work of the organization. Click here to send your letter to us.

We look forward to seeing you soon; stay tuned for upcoming announcements about Be Present’s campaign and anniversary events!

Thank you for your support and ongoing commitment to our mission.