Regional Organizing Core Groups–Community Action

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Personal Plan for Change | Start a Be Present Support Group

Be Present® Support Groups are the most basic unit of leadership development. Each group is made up of three to seven people who meet on a regular basis as determined by the group members.


The agenda for the Be Present Support Group is each person’s personal growth and leadership development. It is the responsibility of the other people in the group to simultaneously listen to and understand each person, while also being aware that what they are saying may bring up feelings and past experiences that can cloud their ability to really hear them. It is this awareness, and willingness to work on these issues as they arise, that allows people to stay present with one another and support each other’s growth and development.


This process allows each member of the Be Present Peer Support Group to:

  • Speak honestly and openly.
  • Develop personal plans for change.
  • Receive support in a safe and trusting environment that sustains their movement forward.

To start a Be Present Peer Support Group, attend a Monthly Leadership Development Meeting and request a copy of the Be Present Facilitator’s Guide.

Community Building | Join a Be Present Regional Organizing Core Group

One of Be Present’s central tenets is the importance of developing leadership and systems of support locally and to connect local communities to a vibrant regional and national network engaged in the work of social justice. We recognize and honor the important work that is happening in many communities throughout the country and offer the Be Present Empowerment Model™ as a tool for dialogue, learning and practice in addressing the impact of race, gender, class and power issues on personal and collective well-being, effectiveness and sustainability.

Regional Organizing Core Groups are Be Present’s community-building vehicles for diverse leaders, activists, and community members to organize, mobilize, and support local efforts. Individuals who are active in Be Present Support Groups and want to expand their leadership skills can join a Be Present Regional Organizing Core Group. Members meet monthly to recruit, develop, and expand group development by facilitating monthly leadership development meetings, organizing events, as well as building alliances and coalitions with local organizations. They receive intensive facilitators’ training in the Be Present Empowerment Model™ to work through organizational issues and group dynamics, as well as to strengthen their organizing and advocacy skills. To learn more or join a Core Group meeting, click here to connect with one of our regions.