Collaborative Leadership Structure


Board Meeting and 30th Anniversary KickoffBoard Meeting and 30th Anniversary KickoffThe decision-making process of Be Present, Inc.® reflects our vision, mission and core values. To be on the Be Present National Board of Directors, a person must be in a support group that identifies itself as using the Be Present Empowerment Model® and have at least one year of experience using the Model in a collective decision-making process in venues approved by the Be Present Board of Directors.

Community members interested in supporting the vision and mission of Be Present, Inc. are invited to join one or more standing board committees. These committees serve to train and orient future board members as well as to build individual and organizational capacity. Contact the Board Development Committee to learn more about joining a committee!

Board Committees

Vision-Based Social Change Fund Development Team - Be Present, Inc.’s core fundraising principle is that all people from all backgrounds are contributors to and benefit from the work of social justice. We believe that collaborative learning and transformative leadership is what leads to sustainable fundraising. The team is comprised of people who self-identify as individuals with financial wealth, board, staff, Regional Organizing Core Group and network members. This team uses the Be Present Empowerment Model® Training to examine the dynamics of race, class, gender and power that have an impact on their fundraising and giving practices while simultaneously raising funds for the organization. Responsibilities include increasing the visibility of Be Present, Inc. and expanding its donor base; creating and implementing strategies for raising resources/funds; building relationships using the Be Present Empowerment Model® Training with individual and institutional (foundations and corporations) donors; and overseeing donor systems and stewardship.

Budget and Finance Committee – Reviews budgets; sets policy and practices for managing the organization’s finances; recommends financial guidelines to the board to ensure compliance with IRS and other regulatory bodies.

Communications Committee – Develops and implements communication strategies that increase understanding of the vision and mission of Be Present, Inc. to internal and external constituents.

Information Technology Committee – Monitors information technology trends and advises the Board and all committees on the impact of those trends on their plans and activities; undertakes projects that apply information technology to the operations of Be Present, Inc. and for the betterment of leadership development services.

Program and Evaluation Committee – Oversees program development; monitors and evaluates existing programs. Initiates and guides program evaluation and facilitates discussions about program priorities for the organization.

Board Development Committee – Prepares priorities for board composition; meets with prospective board members and recommends candidates to the board; suggests individuals for committee membership.

Human Resources Committee – Oversees strategic management and, workforce partnership with board leadership.

Historical Records Committee – Oversees the identifying, organizing, storing and transferring of records (files, publications and photographs) that tell the history of Be Present, Inc., and our network and staff. 

Creativity and Play Committee – Supports the natural creativity within each person based on the guiding principles that learning begins with creative play, play is a major driver of inovation, and creativity builds self-esteem. Addresses creative play in people of all ages in the realization that children are our next generation of leaders and should be encouraged to develop and communicate their ideas and views.