What is leadership to me? July 13, 2021

By Jordan Pluim

Being a leader to me means knowing who you are.

You start with being a leader of your own self and teaching people what you know.

And if you see someone who is not doing the right thing you step up to the plate and stop it. You help others in a respectful and kind way without hurting them or their feelings.

Leaders can make mistakes, it is ok. You learn from your mistakes! Sometimes it can be hard to be a leader, because sometimes you do not want to do all of the work and want to rest.

You have to learn how to be a leader and ask people and learn from other people about how to be a leader. You don’t want to follow someone else’s steps, you should be your own leader!

Leaders don’t just get to do whatever they want. They have to be respectful and supportive and listen to other people all of the time.

How have I learned to be a leader? By listening to myself, my thoughts and hopes and dreams and also by listening to everyone else.

Leaders have to ask lots of questions. Leaders don’t just lead, they learn all of the time from other people and learn how to support them in ways that they see fit.