Training Institutes

Training Institutes

National Training Institutes establish a community of practice in learning how to build trust and relationships between people of similar and diverse backgrounds; address the interconnected issues of race, gender, power, class, identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, among others; and build collective leadership skills. A cohort of thirty participants meet for six four-day intensive training sessions over an 18-month period and facilitate a National Conference for other community members upon completion of the series.

Black & Female Leadership Institute convenes Black women and girls, and increases the visibility of the vision, perspective, experience and practice of leadership of Black women in various fields including community organizing, civic participation, education, advocacy, among others.

Race, Gender, Power & Class Institute brings together a diverse cross-section of children, youth and adults from different socio-economic backgrounds and communities and provides a forum for emerging voices essential to building broad-based, collaborative movements.

Effecting Achievement and Equity in Education Training Institute engages students, parents educators, youth-serving professionals, policymakers, advocates and community leaders to address issues that impact equity and access within the educational ecosystem to create culturally responsive, positive school environments. The Institute is a component of the Education Initiative. 

Sustaining a Community of Practice for Engaged Transformative Philanthropy, facilitated by the Be Present Movement Building Team, a cross-class partnership of board, staff, and long-time supporters with financial wealth, brings together people from all backgrounds to examine issues that influence fundraising and giving practices while raising money for shared visions.

Trailblazing Institute: Creating and Sustaining Inner Transformation, Partnerships and Social Justice co-led by Be Present, Inc. and Wisdom & Money empowers people from all backgrounds in a new way of being, leading and collaborating in the journey for justice cultivated by three practice areas: The Be Present Empowerment Model®, Wisdom Spiritual Practices and Transformative Money Practices. The series started in April 2022 and is now closed. Join us for the National Conference October 12-15, 2023.