Other Programs & Partnerships

Other Programs & Partnerships


National Network Train-the-Trainers brings leaders within the Be Present network together on an annual basis in to receive the next level of leadership training, to share knowledge and best practices, and to develop strategies for next steps.

Girls’ Leadership Training Program supports leadership development and relationship building among girls from diverse social, economic, and racial communities. Girls gain skills to learn how to be with each other in positive ways; develop peer interaction and communication skills; and emerge their voices as change leaders in their own lives and communities. 

Men & Boys Leadership Training Program builds the leadership capacity of a core group of men and boys to deliver the next level of training to other men and boys and other male-serving organizations throughout the country.

Breaking Silences, Building Relationships Workshop brings together Jews, Blacks, Whites and People of Color to explore the impact of racism, anti-Semitism, gender, power and class on our individual and collective well-being.


Be Present, Inc. and Wisdom & Money (known as the Trailblazing Collaborative) — have co-created the Trailblazing Institute: Creating and Sustaining Inner Transformation, Partnerships and Social Justice. Unique in who we are, but unified in the pursuit of justice for all, the two organizations share 20 years of authentic partnership. This is rooted in our intentional approach to collaboration.

Be Present, Inc. is rooted in the vision and leadership of Black women and girls, beginning with Lillie P. Allen, who partnered with diverse people to create a movement for sustainable change that serves everyone in our communities.

Rooted in the Christian and prophetic traditions of Christianity, Wisdom & Money invites people who identify as financially wealthy or from a culture of wealth to engage with money as a doorway to spiritual transformation at the personal, communal and systemic levels. The Be Present Empowerment Model® is one of the core practices that supports the organization to realize its mission, vision and values.

Both organizations envision a society where people of all genders, faiths, races and cultures live, work and celebrate and worship in their unique particularities together. 

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