Be Present Empowerment Model® Training

The Be Present Empowerment Model® Training is the core training for all Be Present programs. It provides a safe environment where people can explore how their personal histories and the social contexts of issues such as race, gender and religion influence and affect our attitudes and behaviors toward each other. The trainings support the analysis of how these behaviors manifest in relationships, communities and institutions and create the systems in which we live.

The Be Present Empowerment Model® Training takes people through three realms, or steps, to gain insight and understanding of how these systems influence all of us:

  • Know Yourself Outside the Distress of Oppression
  • Listen to Others in a Conscious and Present State
  • Build Effective Relationships and Sustain True Alliances

These leadership realms build resilient leadership on three levels:

  • On the individual level, people develop competencies for inner resilience – including strengthening self-knowledge (self-determination and self-direction); bringing their voices to the table; asking questions, connecting and advocating; thinking creatively and reflectively; and taking positive action.
  • On the intergroup level, people build skills for effective collaboration – including dismantling stereotypes; engaging in difficult dialogues; transforming conflict; building trust; and creating lasting partnerships.
  • On the community level, people strengthen the capacity for outer resilience and larger-scale change – including building civic capacities and community infrastructures; increasing access to opportunities; building political will to attract and sustain community investments; and moving society in more sustainable directions.

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