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1. download the File.

Some browsers start to download the form when you click on it. Others may display it on your screen.


--  If your browser displays the form on your screen,

look for a download Icon -- a removable disk or a down-pointing arrow at the upper left or right of the screen

or a menu of icons that appears when you move your mouse cursor to the lower right corner.


Click on the Icon. If there is a selection to "Open with Adobe Reader" (or another program that displays PDF files), select that and save the file to your desktop and go to step 2.


--  if your browser starts to download the form,

save it to your desktop and go to step 2


2. Complete the form

Fill in the requested information using Adobe Acrobat or a compatible PDF reader.  NOTE: Not all readers will fill out forms.


If you need to get Acrobat Reader it is available here.


3. Save the form

Select the file menu in your PDF reader and choose the "Save as" option.  Name the form with your first and last names.


4.  Mail the form

Attach the file that has your name to an email and send to



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