Author: Laura Dreamspinner

New to Be Present, author Laurie Dreamspinner is part of a Yellow Springs Be Present Support Group and attended the November 2017 Board meeting and National Network training. She is a village grandmother with many interests, all of them leading to community development--even swimming becomes an opportunity for connection. She spent over 40 years doing childcare and 18 years running a cooperative house. Laurie now resides in her new Blessing House/La Casita Bendita with her cat as she learns to be available in new/old ways to her communities.

Finding the Missing Pieces

By Laurie Dreamspinner

The week that included the 2016 presidential election found me in Atlanta with five others from my Yellow Springs, Ohio inner circles. Be Present is an organization started by African American women 35 years ago. A main focus is the commitment “to a process that builds personal and community well-being on the strength of self-knowledge rather than on the distress of oppression.” Read more